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Fires of Denmark is a unique musical project offering something fresh and exciting. Their surrealist dance punk sound is something that can only be experienced and felt. The music is a combination of magnetic grooves, relentless 808s, and vintage synths drenched in fuzz to create a festival-ready listening experience. Their reverb-soaked vocals ruminate on the theme of time’s relentless march forward with satirical look at rock music. Step into a world of imagination and experience Fires of Denmark for yourself.

 Born and raised in Rochester, MN, creator Michael Terrill has seen it all in the music scene, from fronting bands to producing and mixing local artists. Terrill has scored wins that would be impressive on any musician’s resume: opening slots for national acts like Owl City, Dessa, and Caroline Smith. But it’s in Fires of Denmark’s soundscapes where the musical jack-of-all trades feels most at home. On their latest album, Relativity, Terrill and his backing band The Technical Imperfections lay out a captivating sound. 

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Fires of Denmark - Press Release - Relativity Cover Page.png
Fires of Denmark - Relativity Press Release.png
Fires of Denmark - Interference.png

Written and recorded entirely by Michael Terrill in his home studio, "Interference" is one of Fires of Denmark's more abstract, and esoteric collection of songs. Interference is an album inspired by asking and searching for unanswerable many questions and deep dives into Joseph Campbell's philosophies and view on what makes a great human story. A hero's journey of searching, finding, death and rebirth.

With Love - Album Cover.png

Entirely written and recorded in his basement, “With Love” combines lyrics inspired by ancient philosophy, gritty sound and haunting bravado. Contributions from local musicians help to create a dynamic ensemble and complement the lyrics, which advocate humility and optimistic nihilism.

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